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Video poker – tips and highlights for beginners and professionals

Video poker has been great success in online casinos. What’s it that makes it so attractive?

It’s based on five-card poker and is mix of slot machines and classic poker. It has much fewer rules, which attracts large newcomer’s number. Another advantage is speed. When creating Video poker, it was the main goal that developer pursued.


Easy game requires very little knowledge about it. Your winnings depend more on luck and a little on ability to make right combination.

Main goal of game is to collect combinations by replacing cards and finish game with best cards combination.

After receiving cards, a player must evaluate cards and decide which ones to keep and which ones replace. Cards left are those that, in player’s opinion, will make decent combination, for which they’ll receive payout.

If after exchange, a player receives winning combination, casino pays them required winnings. Size depends on bet size and poker combination formed. The higher combination, the better it pays.

Best options for largest payouts – Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Square.

Most popular types of Video poker games

The games rules may slightly depend on their types. Most popular Video poker types:

  1. “Jacks or Better” or other name – “Draw Poker”. This’s most common type. House pays a player win if they make combination equal to/higher than pair of jacks.
  2. “Joker’s Wild”. This type uses wild card. It can replace any card you need.
  3. “Deuces Wild”. Wild symbol is two. They strengthen combinations and increase payout amount. Combinations in this type of poker are different from classic poker slot machines combinations.
  4. “Tens or Better”. According to name, minimum paid hand is tens pair. It also has its own combinations that differ from other types.
  5. “Double Bonus”. This’s similar to “Jacks or Better”, only aces appear instead of tens.

There is a huge number of different types. Try out different versions, including free Video poker, and get most out.


Before to play Video poker for money, you first need to try it out with help of trainer. Most popular strategy – “jacks and higher”.

Strategy principle is very simple: you have to change cards so that you leave highest cards on your hand, starting with waltz.

Follow these tips:

  1. Try to collect in hand the strongest combination – Royal flush, straight flush, quads, full house, set and two pairs.
  2. If you have three in your hand, change other two cards. (You can build square or full house).
  3. If you have two pairs, change only one card. (You can get full house).
  4. Be sure to keep a couple of minor cards in your starting hand.

Free trainer is very popular, because it eliminates the risk in the game.

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